Alquimi Renewables, LLC, (“Alquimi” or the “Company”) is a strategic project development firm that develops and/or identifies critically needed scalable infrastructure projects in renewable energy, protected agriculture, or climate resilience, throughout the Caribbean, Latin American, and North American markets.

Alquimi’s focus is on centralized and decentralized utility scale renewable energy applications (solar, geothermal, and waste to energy – WTE), as well as dedicated solutions for private high energy use off-takers, including data centers. Alquimi represents proprietary engineered technology in hurricane resistant, solar powered greenhouse systems, which support a business model dedicated to national self-sustainability in food and clean energy production, as well as creating high skilled, local jobs.

The company’s experienced team develops, structures, and packages high value shovel-ready projects, and connects them to various global strategic investors or other select energy or holding companies.  The company differentiates itself through its long established public and private sector network across the region it serves, which ensures that projects are highly valuable, and supported by existing government policies toward a successful conclusion.

Alquimi and Island AgTech Greenhouse Systems     Alquimi and Island AgTech Resort Greenhouse System