Strategic Advisory

Alquimi develops projects with a minimum total investment value of US$10-40MM for individual projects and strategic investment programs to support a pipeline of pre-developed projects totaling up to US$1B . We do not raise entity capital.

For our investment clients and their partners, we identify and conduct local due diligence on niche projects and programs based on high value build-own-operate (BOO) or build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) models, to deliver institutional grade asset-based investment opportunities that reflect our operating partners’ mandate.

We serve as the outsourced business development division for our investors – allowing them to focus on their core business.  We bring a joint venture, collaborative approach to the structuring and packaging of opportunities. Formal negotiations and related activities are typically left to our investor clients – who often look to bring assets and experience other than just capital to the projects.  We are supplier neutral subject to high quality standards.

For the select operating companies we advise, we do require strategic focus, intellectual property and other competitive advantages, a strong pipeline of current projects, clear barriers to entry, and demonstrable potential for high scalability and profitability.

We receive fee-based income for our services and modest long-term ownership positions as applicable, on project and/or entity bases, to underscore alignment with our clients and their partners, as applicable.