Strategic Advisory

  • Alquimi seeks a minimum total investment of $20MM for individual projects or portfolio/programmatic opportunities, with an average of $75MM+. We do not raise entity capital.
  • For our investment clients and their partners, we identify and conduct diligence on niche projects and programs from best-in-class builder-owner-operators, to deliver institutional grade asset-based investment opportunities that fit these operating partners’ stated needs.
    • We effectively serve as the outsourced business development division for these clients – allowing them to focus on their core business.
    • We bring a joint venture, collaborative approach to the structuring and packaging of opportunities. Formal negotiations and related activities are typically left to our investor clients – who also look to bring more than money for the building and operation of projects.
  • For the select operating companies we advise (builder-owner-operators), we require strategic focus, intellectual property and other competitive advantages, a strong pipeline with current projects, clear barriers to entry, and demonstrable potential for high scalability and profitability.
  • We receive fee-based income for our services and modest long-term ownership positions as applicable, on project and/or entity bases, to underscore alignment with our clients and their partners, as applicable.