John Martin – Business Development

Thirty one years’ experience as a real estate and general business attorney, with a primary focus now of promoting renewable energy and food security in the underserved regions of the Caribbean, Latin America, and Pacific regions.  Bringing together parties from all relevant sectors of the business world to achieve energy independence.

Focus on bringing cutting edge renewable technology to developing regions leading to strong and long lasting economic results for such sovereign nations, through energy, agriculture, and local education.

Founding partner of Alquimi Renewables LLC, representing relationships with all applicable best in class vendors  as well as investors who bring the financial wherewithal necessary to achieve AR’s business and social mandates.


Ralph Birkhoff – Business and Project Development

Over 35 years experience in strategic corporate real estate development and international corporate portfolio management, site selection, and specialized economic advisory services across global markets.

Extensive public and private sector business network across the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and Latam.  Based in the Caribbean for the past six years leading the company’s business and project development programs.

Expert in infrastructure project development and implementation, including utility scale renewable energy, protected agriculture, and sustainable tourism development. Specialized in proprietary off-grid protected agriculture projects integrating greenhouse systems with clean energy and hydroponic production.


Paul Kalagher – Alquimi Commodity Group

Twenty five years serving as a senior executive for Diageo managing major corporate accounts across the USA.  Expertise in commodities, trade, customer relationship management, and product finance.  Management of the Alquimi commodity platform, which has oversight of all product supply and wholesale pricing from the AR Greenhouse production system.